The Scoop: “Sarasota Alliance For Fair Elections succeeds at getting a charter review amendment that will create single member districts for Sarasota County Commissioners on the ballot.”

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The Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections (SAFE) is one step closer to achieving their objective, which is single-member districts.

They gathered 15,096 signatures, which will allow them to place an amendment on the ballot. This amendment will give the residents of Sarasota County the choice of to continue as we do today or change the way our county commissioners are elected.

Currently, a County Commissioner candidate can only run for office within the district that they live. However, the whole county will vote on which candidate gets elected from that district. This amendment will only allow voters that live within that district to vote. The objective is to get rid fo the influence that big money plays in the county elections and some of the partisan politics. Most of all, many individuals feel that the SAFE approach will give a voice back to the residents.

This amendment will be placed on the November ballot versus having a special election, along with several political seats that are up for grabs. Putting it on the November ballot versus a special election will save the county about $400,000.

Oddly enough, that is the same amount of corporate welfare that the county just handed over to SANCA for Benderson Park.